SUNDAY JULY 16TH @ 11.30


at the Kempinski's Garden

in St. Moritz

1. "Golfing the Aquarelle" at the Kempinski St. Moritz

2. "Summer Aquarelles at the Boutique "Adriano Boulgheroni"


Living in Bever.

Milanese by birth, “Engadiner” by choice, Renato lives and paints

in the Engadine Valley, in the enchanted village of Bever. In his student times, Renato competed in the first edition of the Engadin Ski Marathon (1972) and for five years thereafter became the official photographer of the event, providing each participant

with a picture in full action.

The memory of the immense herds of skiers as seen from the helicopter is often inspiring his works which synthesize an intricate pattern of shades and colorful figures. Renato's works communicate his deep love for the valley, her joyfull strenght and light: it is not a coincidence, that one of his recent solo exhibitions was named “The Playground of the Gods”.
His techniques are watercolor and acrylic for larger formats.


2006 Chesa Steinbeck, La Punt, “Due viaggiatori in Engadina”
2008 Olympic art, Beijing, invited by the Olympic Committee
2010 Galleria Francesco Zanuso, Milano, “Skate and Slide”
2011 Spazio Mazzotta, Milano
2013 Galleria Francesco Zanuso, Milano
2015 Bernina Art Gallery, Samaden, St. Moritz Art Masters (with Marina Aliverti)
2016 Bulgari Shop St. Moritz, solo exhibition
2016 Bernina Art Gallery, Forum Paracelsus, St. Moritz, “The Playground of The Gods”
2022 Bernina Art Gallery, WopArt Fair, Lugano
2023 Bernina Art Gallery, Forum Paracelsus, St. Moritz, “Six of Us”
2023 Château Papillon , art and fashion show "Marathon", spring 2023

2023 Château Papillon X Grand Hotel Kempinski St.Moritz, "Golfing the Aquarelle", Summer 2023