Every 1st Wednesday of the Month*,

(*with exceptions: double-check on 


we gather all culture-players and culture-lovers

of the Engadin to proactively discuss hot topics, foster exchange and cross-pollination.

As the "Culture Region of the Engadin" we understand the Region that culturally belongs together, although politically and touristically seperated of:  Upper- & Lower- Engadin, Bergell, Puschlav & Val Müstair.

Carolin A. Geist

& Mic Schneider

Manifesto of the Kulturpasta:

when 1+1=3.

How would we describe «Kulturpasta»? let’s break it down:

Pasta + Culture (+ Magical Seasoning) = Kulturpasta

PASTA : is the delicious food we serve you, as a happy stomach activates a happy brain. And a shared meal not only tasted better, but thru the history, the sharing of a meal brought people together around one plate, one table, one appetite, one bourgeoning friendship.

CULTURE: can be defined as all the ways of life of a society that are passed down from generation to generation. As such, it includes codes of manners, dress, language, religion, rituals, art…


Kulturpasta : is a monthly Salon, happening every First Wednesday of the Month at the Château Papillon, where we call out all the people working in culture and loving culture to come togehter.

We sincerely do believe, that

  • The Cultural Region of the Engadin is more that Space aroung St.Moritz. The Cultural Region incldes the Upper Engadin, the Lower Engadin, the Puschlav, the Val Müstair, the Bergell. It has been very gratifing to see that Culture Players from all those parts came together the last times. It shows, there IS A WILL TO CONNECT AMONG EACH OTHER thruout the whole Region.
  • We do believe, that we are finally a Generation, where ellbows are getting less competitive, but the Exchange and the Cooperation between all Players is much more .. simply nice, and efficient, and maximizing.
  • We do believe, the CROSSPOLLINATION of all Players is important. All Clusters in the Engadin are well networked. (All) Gallerists know each other, (All) Architects, (All) Musicians… but Culture is a result of exchange, talks, new ideas, that come together when the Artist meets the Architect meets the Tech-Ai-Expect meets the Fashion Designer.
  • We do believe the cross-generational-activation blows more minds and empowers more single souls than you could ever gain from studies. We are very happy to have observed many long conversations and especially followups, of Successful Players who got carried away by the visions of some young designers or artists and who engaged in a sort of mentoring position. The Engadin is FULL of Successful Top-Of-The-World Culture Players and FULL of Young Talents. Isnt there anything more beautiful then bringing them together ?


Save the dates for the Upcoming Kulturpastas :
April 5th, May 3rd, June 7th, Juli 5th, August 2nd, September 6th, October 4th, November 1st & December 6th.