Engadin Art History Teas

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The Engadin isn't only a rich cultural region today.
Its history dates back to the Zuckerbäckers in the late medieval ages. They brought back to the rough valley the wealth they amassed abroad coupled with their newly gained intellectual wealth. It layed ground for "building and buying pretty things: the still standing magestic Engadin patrician houses, the elaboratedly fabricated furniture and first splendid works of art.

Over the centuries, local craftsmen and artists reached world fame (Segantini, the Giacomettis, Not Vital and plenty others including ones that have been less heard of yet), and world famous artists and intellectuals visited the Engadin for inspiration. But the "narrative of an Engadin Art History" has not been written yet. 

We will dig into that..... #staytuned.

Carolin A. Geist