🦋 Bataille

by Jorge Lamm & Julian Jäggi

BATAILLE is a St.Moritz-based Fashion Brand founded 2018

by Jorge Alexander Lamm and Julian Jäggi.

Jorge is a "Wahl-St.Moritzer" with German-Cuban roots, a fashion designer and a graduate of ESMOD (École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode 1841 Paris).

Julian is a philosopher and cultural theorist (ETH) from Graubünden with a specialization in aesthetics. He is particularly fascinated by the topics of luxury, decadence and fashion.

St. Moritz is their place of inspiration, of encounters, and home.

Emerging St.Moritzer Prêt-à-Porter

& its Philosophy:

"Materialisation of Rêveries"

BATAILLE creates prêt-à-porter, accessories and couture.

Never before has a (Swiss) Fashion Brand embodied the Allegory of a Philosophy.
The naming of the brand is in fact derived from the last name of the French PHILOSOPHER Georges Bataille, whose thinking revolves around the conceptualization of luxury: "Luxury is the liberation of human existence from the yoke of necessity" (George Bataille, The Accursed Share, 1992). The concept of the brand consists in the playful game with highs and lows of life and of affordability; of Poetry and Accessibility, of Dream and Access. The Brand is indeed a mirror of the Soul of two young Men, living, creating, blossoming amoungst the prettiest wealthies fashion icons in the mekkah of beauty in the Engadin and still letting their veins pound with the memory of steep obstacles of life, hard work and dedication to their passion. Therefore their combining of extravagance with nonchalance, gives the Brand a whole new meaning. Clothes are a for them a Materialisation of Rêveries.

The driving force behind BATAILLE is the belief in the social-emancipatory potential of fashion, in fashion as self-transformation, for fashion reflects the (successful) way of life that consists in the transformation of oneself and one’s own life into a work of art.

The current collection is an experimental and fanciful collection that springs from a longing for imaginary worlds and new silhouettes. The designs are meant for strenghened personalities, who go against the grain, who linger in grand-hotels and techno temples all over the world, who breathe the unfolding of their true freedom. They have an alluring and intangible mystical aura about them that borders on the vampiric.

Jorge Alexander Lamm 
was born on October 2nd 1992 in Holguín, Cuba, 
where he lived until he was 7 and moved to Germany 1999, to Berlin. 

Moving from Cuba to Germany, and having to position himself socially, Jorge often was brandmarked not only the "cuban new kid" in Eastern German Berlin, but bullied for being "the latino underdog", the young fragile guy with the wavy dark hair, with the darker skin and his shy feminine introvert way.  The only way of extracting his shyness into a wall of self-confidence, was to transform his anxieties into litterally a self-confident armure of Pretty Clothes wrapping and defending his fragile Body against the outside world of mean and judgemental premature critiques. 
He thus studies Fashion.

Upon Abitur and Art Studies in Berlin, he moved therefore to Paris 2012 to study Fashion Design at the well-known Parisian Haute-Couture School ESMOD, where he graduated 2015 with honours, with a fierce hunger to traduce to practice what he became famed for among his peers : he indeed mastered as the best of his class "fabric manipulation". 

Because of Love Jorge settled in Switzerland, with his Life and Work Partner Julian Jäggi, a Davos Native, where they used to spend a lot of time between Zurich and the Mountains; first in Davos, then in the Engadin. Although Jorge spent his Childhood in the Carribeans, Mountains, and the Mightiness of the Engadin Landscape empowers him, like nothing else ever could. They finally locomoted to the latter, where their Heart, their "Bataille" and their Company Bataille calls St.Moritz Home.